Friday, October 9, 2009

Mr. Paper Doll Himself

This is the last photo I took and I think it's my favorite. Tom Tierney and I, both trying to look our best. I had a chance to talk to Tom for a few minutes during the Artist Showcase. He was looking at everybody's work and he said that he just loved seeing all the different styles and techniques. "But then," he laughed, "I just go back and do my same old thing."

A very down-to-earth comment coming from a paper doll celebrity, don't you think?


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here's a nice picture of David Wolfe wearing one of my buttons. He said that he was going to hang it above the desk where he does his artwork. If you click on the photo you can get a closer view of the button. Dig that jacket!!

Saturday Night Banquet

On Saturday night Lori was able to show a little more "skin" than I was. After all, her skin IS 20 years younger than mine. But we both had fun glitzing it up for the banquet. Earlier that afternoon we had purchased some gaudy necklaces from a street vendor down on the strip. My necklace had great big dollar signs on it and Lori's had a silver disco ball. Fun!!

Original Art

Sorry for the glare on this one, but of course my relatives want to see the original art, and plexiglass doesn't photograph so well. "Baby Sarah" won a 2nd place ribbon in the category, "Original Art, Professional, Done by Competitor." Of course I'm NOT a professional artist, I'm a teacher by profession. But since I have received $$ for my work I have to compete as a professional. Baby Sarah is slated to appear in Contemporary Doll Collector in their April/May issue.

Let's Play with the Baby

"Let's Play with the Baby" received a 3rd place ribbon in the category, "Babies and Children Paper Dolls, uncut, 1900-1950." The artwork was done by Louise Rumley. The set was published in 1948.

Joan and Bobby

Joan and Bobby received a 3rd place ribbon in the category of "Babies and Children Paper Dolls, cut, 1900 to 1960." Queen Holden was the artist and the set was published in 1928.

The Competition

Garth Lax always advises me to enter my favorite paper dolls. So that's what I do. Here is "Judy And Jim: A Paper Doll Story Book.," published in 1947. The artwork was done by Hilda Miloche. This book received a 2nd place ribbon in the category of US Paper Dolls 1900 to 1950.