Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sylvia and Jenny

Here we find Sylvia and Jenny at Jenny's sales table. They both look great, don't they? For me, one of the high points of the convention was Jenny's program on Thursday. She told us the whole fascinating story of how she wound up in the paper doll publishing business, making quick trips to LA and signing contracts with big movie stars. We heard about some of the ups (Phyllis McGuire's Closet) and the downs (Doris Day Disaster) of publishing paper dolls. And even though I had heard most of Jenny's story before, having her tell it first hand was highly entertaining. Jenny charmed the audience with stories and anecdotes. And Jenny, you really DID kick butt with that power point presentation!! Now, everybody go on over to Jenny's website : http://www.paperstudiopress.com/ and order some of those paper dolls!

I spent some time with Sylvia at the banquet on Friday evening. We had an enjoyable visit catching up. Sylvia spends much of her convention time supporting paper doll artists....talking with them about their work, encouraging them, and yes, purchasing paper dolls from them, too. She also takes lots of photos and movies in order to document the convention.

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