Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kwei-lin Lum

Kwe-lin looks up from her sales table for a moment. It was exciting to see her first Dover publication, "Day of the Dead," which I purchased, along with her PD deck of cards.

Other convention purchases included a Gabriel boxed set called, "Best of Friends," the "Grease" set that Jenny published, "Michelle" (Obama) from David Wolfe's PaperDollywood, "Flower Girls," a Saalfield set, a Betsy McCall set from Saalfied, a punch-out Nativity and "Barack Obama" paper dolls from Tom Tierney, a set of Anne of Green Gables notecards from Donald Hendricks, and the previously mentioned Raggedy set from Jim Howard.

I bought some things in the salesroom and others I got while room hopping/shopping after dinner on Thursday. Going from room to room is always fun. It sort of reminds me of trick-or-treating.
Except, of course, that nothing is free!!

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